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We're proud to support children's mental health week

This year's children's mental health week has even more significance as we all navigate our way through the current lockdown and we're reliant on online learning.

At school we're supporting mental health week with a range of activities.
There are designated timetabled sessions and activities during the week. These sessions include Mind and Movement (the importance of physical movement), national storytelling day (Read aloud day) demonstrating how calming reading can be for our mental health and helping us sleep, doing art to music to show how art is a way of expressing ourselves, feelings and emotions and how creating art while listening to music can be calming.
There is also a sign language session, and sports and PE with a theme of how important the impact of physical activity can be on mental wellbeing and keeping us calm and relaxed.
On Friday pupils and staff can dress up in a way that expresses themselves - this may be to represent a hobby they are passionate about, a profession they aspire to be in when they are older, or just to dress in a way they feel expresses themselves.
All of these activities compliment our mental health awareness work in PSHEE lessons.

More information and resources and activities for all ages are available by clicking here. 

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