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Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

#stayingconnected for sixth formers

Our weekly Sixth Form newsletter Staying Connected helps keep all our sixth formers engaged and informed about all school matters and other topics of interest. Check out the half term jam-packed edition here.

The latest edition is full of important research information and links for students to use over the break as they look at all their post-18 years old options, and parents can see the wealth of rich work we have been doing this term.

There are fun things to do too - tour a castle for example. plus pancake recipes, ideas to live 'green', things to do over the break, and much more.

Students enjoy #Stayingconnected and said:

"I love #stayingconnected because it brings everyone together and encourages us to try new things. It’s great fun reading through it each week and having a go at the quizzes." Emma

"Staying connected is great! I like how it gives us short snappy information about things to keep us entertained in lockdown, I personally like the cooking ones. Some of the university information has helped me to learn about different unis. I also just like the vibe of #stayingconnected.

It is very chilled but also filled with useful information!" Joe

"It’s a fun way to stay informed and it provides relevant information to us as the student body.” Owen

The weekly #stayingconnected are a great way to find out tips to look after yourself during lockdown, from mental health tips, to movie ideas and even new recipes to try, plus there’s always a fun emoji quiz at the end." Hannah

"#stayingconnected is a great burst of interesting things to do, inspiration and fun lockdown challenges, I always look forward to the email coming through on a Friday!" Matthew

"I’ve loved reading the weekly stayingconnected. It’s helped me find and enjoy new and exciting activities during lockdown, which I would have never have tried without the staying connected and has encouraged me to explore more TV genres which are now some of my top picks. It has helped me keep productive and allows me to always have something to look forward to." Becky

"Having a good read of the weekly #stayingconnected has given me copious new recipes, which I have been trying at home. Certainly a good place to find something new to do during lockdow." Byron

Staying Connected is published each Friday during term time with contributions from teachers and students. It covers academic topics, social and entertainment information, post-sixth form life tips and events, and much more to stay engaged especially during the lockdown. Please check out the full catalogue at this link >>>

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