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Celebrating Global Recycling Day at Claires Court

Global Recycling Day, held on Thursday 18 March, was originally created in 2018 to help recognise and celebrate the importance recycling plays on preserving our primary resources and ultimately protecting our planet.

It’s even more important three years on and is something our student-led and initiated environmental groups have teamed up to promote in our school community.

To celebrate the day, the team has organised a recycled art competition to encourage students and staff to think objectively about how they can make a difference and be creative when looking at waste. The deadline for submissions is Friday 23rd April 2021 and more information can be found here.

The group have also suggested easy ways we can all become less wasteful which includes avoiding single use plastic as well as donating and buying clothes from charity shops or second hand stores, such as Depop. 

Eleanor Astrup, teacher and member of the Sixth Form’s Make a Difference team, said: “On Global Recycling Day our aim is to educate and increase awareness of why recycling and being less wasteful should be a key part of people's lives. 

We are constantly looking at ways to improve recycling and waste further. In the current climate we are really encouraging the use of reusable masks as most disposable ones cannot be recycled. We have a lot more planned, so watch this space!”

We understand the importance of reusing and recycling as individuals, and as a school, and the effect it could have on our pupils futures. Because of this, we have been, and will continue to implement changes to make Claires Court a more sustainable school. 


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