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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Claires Court embraces renewable energy sources

This week, Global Recycling Day highlighted the importance and urgency of humanity making adjustments to protect our planet in every way we can. The student body has the Eco Warriors, Eco Committee and Make a Difference group who help conserve and advise on ways to reuse and recycle and as a business, we can influence the reduction of our carbon footprint through the choice of suppliers. One of these ways is through making informed choices as to our energy provider, so from April this year, we are moving our electricity supply arrangements to Bryt Energy.

Bryt Energy is Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy who are seeking to revolutionise the business energy supply sector with zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity, sourced solely from wind, hydro and solar power. That is to say that in future, the electricity supplied to Claires Court will not only not be generated from coal, gas or nuclear but also will not be generated from biomass, waste to energy, or landfill gas sources.

Our new supplier has informed us that on our estimated annual usage there will be savings of 156,165 kg CO2, and of course, zero emissions! This is a huge step forwards, and we will continue to look at ways we can decrease our carbon footprint from Nursery through to Sixth Form. 

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