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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Dubbed Knights at Windsor Castle

What a great term Year 1 have had learning all about castles and knights, they even transforming the door to their classroom into a drawbridge! The class have been making swords, shields and life size knights, and finished the term with a special trip to Windsor Castle.

Year 1 Teacher, Bethan Morris talks about the exciting day;

“Class 1Y and 1G started off the day by looking at arrow slits, the old motte and bailey castle and where jousting would have taken place. Then we watched the guards march and were extremely entertained by the band playing Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' and had a little dance on the courtyard.

Being given the royal treatment, the boys went to the state apartments and had a fantastic talk with a lady called Simone. The boys dressed up as knights, page boys, king's, Year 1 Boys Made Knights at Windsor Castlejesters and even princesses and took part in some role play activities. The boys were very excited when dressed as knights they were taken to the actual room that the Queen dubs the knights! Queen ‘Holder’ took over and dubbed each boy, who will now always be greeted with the title "Sir".

We were extremely lucky with the weather and took our lunch on to the long walk and had a picnic in the sunshine. After lunch we had a quick game of ‘duck duck goose’ before heading back into the castle where we had a look in the chapel and linked lots of our learning and pictures that Simone showed us to the actual places. We studied one of the guards and watched how he moved before trying it out for ourselves... which was most impressive. The boys had a fantastic day and still had energy to come home and take part in Judo!”

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