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Claires Court

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Increase In Top Marks At Claires Court

Girls Receiving GCSE ResultsIt was a day of celebration for the pupils at Claires Court when they picked up their outstanding GCSE results.  There was an increase in the number of pupils achieving five A*-C grades, including Maths and English to 89.8% from 87.9% last year.  The boys, bucked the national trend and saw a remarkable increase in their top marks with 31.1% of them at A*/A grade compared to 22.2% in 2015 and the national average of 20.5%.

Claires Court Results Summary 2016


Claires Court

National Average

% with 5 A*- C



% grade C and above









Boys Receiving GCSE ResultsJames Wilding, Academic Principal said: “We are a school that values the talents in all of its children and our 108 students cover the full ability spectrum. For nearly 90% to gain five or more GCSEs indicates outstanding outcomes for the cohort, reflecting the hard work put in by our students, teachers, and it must be said families, over the past two years. Elsewhere we see overall percentage pass rates stall as GCSEs revert to terminal examinations only, yet I am delighted that so many top grades have been achieved across our really broad and innovative curriculum.

Boys get a really bad press at this time of the year, given their failings nationally to demonstrate high levels of  academic achievement, but when 93% of our boys gained five or more GCSEs, a school record performance in the last 10 years, that does need mentioning!”

High Fives at GCSE Results DayTodd Lindley was all smiles when he opened his envelope and saw 8A* and 4A grades, he said: “I have been quite chilled all week as I knew there was nothing else I could do. As I saw the first four results I knew it was pretty good.  I am really happy and so pleased. I worked hard and the teachers really helped me work to get the best grades. 

Fellow pupil Tom Worthington was just as thrilled with his results, which included 3A*, 5As and 2Bs, he commented: “I am very happy with my results. I got 100% for all three science papers; I wasn’t expecting that, I don’t think I have taken it in yet. But it’s great as I want to study science in the Sixth Form”

Christopher Allen with his 8A*, 1A and 2C's said "I was surprised to have so many A*s, I was quite worried beforehand.  I am planning to study three sciences and maths at A Level and go on to study Veterinary Science long term."

Across at Senior Girls, there was just as much jubilation.  Pupil, Esmée Molhoek, joined Claires Court in Year 9 from the Netherlands unable to speak a word of English. She is now fluent and did outstandingly well in her GCSE’s achieving 6A*s, 5As and 1Bs. Esmée said: “When I started the School in Year 9, I immediately made friends and along with support from teachers I settled in really quickly. I have loved my time at Claires Court and proud of what I have achieved. In the future I am planning to attend a Russell Group University to study finance.”

Amna Khan was thrilled with her 7A*s, 2As and 2Bs. She achieved 100% in all three of her science papers. Amna commented: “I’m feeling really good about my results, last night I was worrying I wouldn’t get my predicted grades but I’ve done it.Pupil Happy with GCSE Results I was unsure about Geography, I had been predicted a B at the start of the year, but I am so thrilled I got an A*! It was quite daunting starting Claires Court in Year 10, because I didn’t know anyone and there were a lot of friendship groups already made. But it wasn’t long before I made some good friends and support from the teachers has been incredible. I’m not sure what I am planning for the future, but I think I want to study physics at University.”

Niamh Bates, who unfortunately could not be there to collect her results, achieved fantastic results and told us; "I’m in shock and just can’t believe it! I couldn’t sleep last night just thinking about my results. It really was hard work so I definitely had to put the hours in, but hugely helped with great support from teachers who put on extra classes to help. I’m just so happy all the hard work has now paid off. I’m really exciting to start Claires Court Sixth Form to study Spanish, English, Biology and Music."


Boy Receiving GCSE Results

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