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Water Bonding Day For Year 7

The core of our learning philosophy at Claires Court is our learning essentials. Year 7 girls spent a thoroughly enjoyable day at Maidenhead Sailing Club honing their collaboration and communication skills during their Water Day on Monday.

The girls completed three separate sessions throughout the day. Using basic materials, they had to work together to design and build a basic raft, which they had to test on the water. Some rafts were more successful than others, and a couple of groups did not get that far from land before the raft started to fail... In the team building session groups were presented with a variety of puzzles, which they had to work well together collaboratively to solve.

Jenny Mulhearn, Head of Year 7 commented;

“We are fortunate that all groups managed to dispose of 'radioactive' waste safely! The sailing session was about working closely in small groups as well as having fun in the boats. We had a few boats capsize, and others grounded, whilst many moved serenely across the water.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and all benefited.”


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