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Lulworth Cove and PGL

Pupils in Year 8 enjoyed a trip to PGL Osmington Bay and visited Lulworth Cove. They took part in a whole host of activities from raft building and sailing to studying the geographical setting around them.

Year 8 Osmington Bay Pupil Review

How were we challenged?

We were challenged by the questions on the problem solving and the obstacles of the low ropes. These challenges made us think before acting. We were also challenged by the Geography part of the trip, which was full of interesting questions.


What did we get from the experience?

We discovered that we were quite good at problem solving and working together.

Also, we saw a different side to our teachers. We found that the teachers who we thought were not very nice actually had a good sense of humour and were very nice.


What did you particularly enjoy?

At Osmington Bay, we really enjoyed the raft building. It was in the sea and it was very warm and fun. The only thing which would have improved it was to have longer in the water.


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