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Claires Court Maidenhead

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Journey’s End Comes to Claires Court

Immersion Theatre company and their critically acclaimed production of 'Journey's End,' came to the school on Wednesday 21 September, giving Year 11 pupils an incredible experience and understanding of the play they are studying for GCSE.

Mr Luke Wespieser, English Teacher gave us an account of the production;

“The Senior Girls' Sports Hall was transformed as the whole of Year 11 were taken back in time to 1916 - the middle of The Great War. The set-up of the stage, specially adapted by the theatre company to fit the space in the Hall, allowed the students an insight into the realities of trench life for the brave soldiers on the front line; the shelling, the camaraderie, the boredom. As they got caught up in the story of Osborne, Raleigh and Stanhope, students began to understand the tragedies that war can create, and the mastery of playwright R.C. Sherriff.

The casting was fantastic, with the actor playing Osborne (in particular) really bringing the role to life for the watching students, who had previously only seen the man come to life as words on a page. The delivery was word perfect and the emotion in the room at the denouement had even the toughest of the boys in the audience wiping a tear or two from their eyes.

There was no doubt that the experience will have helped the students greatly in terms of their understanding of the play (for their English studies), the dramatic devices (for their Drama studies) and the era (for their study of History). All in all, it was a wonderful production and a very worthwhile educational experience.”

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