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Claires Court Maidenhead

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European Day of Languages

On Thursday 29 September Senior Girls celebrated the European Day of Languages.

The following has been written by Serena, Year 10 pupil;

“To start off the day we had an assembly, presented by Frau Ing. We were all shown a video, which was created by previous pupils from Claires Court, and this showed us what the European Day of Languages is all about. Frau Ing asked for a teacher to represent each year group; Miss Hudson represented Year 7, Mrs Folk Year 8, Mr Bevis Year 9, Miss Clifford represented Year 10 and Miss Barrett represented Year 11. Each teacher sat down facing the screen and each had a chromebook. The teachers were tasked to play a game of Kahoot about the European Day of Languages, the scores varied after questions. When the quiz had finished,  the winner was Mrs Folk representing Year 8.

We also celebrated the European Day of Languages at lunchtime. All pupils were welcome to take a question sheet, but there weren't any questions on the sheet. Pupils had to use their phones, by downloading a QR app they were able to scan the different codes located around the school. The QR code then gave them the question and they had to work out the answer. This was very enjoyable and a fun and interactive way to celebrate the European Day of languages.”

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