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Artwork Reflecting the Season

With the season of halloween, Diwali and fireworks, Year 1 boys have been getting creative. For halloween the boys have been making pumpkins out of lollipop sticks and using jam jars and tissue paper they created a " ghost candle holder". The boys enjoyed this a lot and even pretended to be ghosts throughout their art lesson.

Taking black paper outside as a class the boys began making a large firework picture. The boys pretended to be Harry Potter (slightly off the Diwali topic) and shouted "EXPELLIARMUS!" whilst flicking paint from their paint brush wands. Then they covered the paint in glitter and decided to use it as backing paper for the classrooms displays. They will continue their topic on Guy Fawkes after half-term.

Next for Diwali, the boys created Rangoli Patterns outside using chalk.  The boys loved doing this and hearing about how one of their peers celebrates Diwali with his family. They have learnt the story behind the festival and also what traditions are celebrated. The boys did fantastic write ups about Diwali and have made a wonderful display.

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