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Boundary Walk

October again, and on a fresh and sunny autumn afternoon the children of Year 2 set out in their wellies and with high spirits enjoyed Boundary Walk around the Junior Boys site.

Their brief is to look out for Human and Physical features as studied in their geography of the local area but in fact the walk covers so much more.

Teaching Assistant, Poonam Bharj said;

“Wandering through The Thicket it is possible at times to see only physical features and believe yourself miles away from school, the A4 and anything beyond. The children dart around looking at, and talking about, plants, falling leaves and seeds, all of which we have studied in our science and English lessons. The changing colours of the leaves reminded us of our autumn poems and the children were able to identify many plants they had found on their visit to The Rye in September.

It always fascinates the children that they can have walked 'so far' and yet, as we start on the return leg, they are so close to the school, as we peered through the bushes at an ongoing game of rugby.

The final stretch, as we walked across the new field and admired the trees in The Thicket from a distance, was glorious. Though legs were tiring, the children could still appreciate how beautiful they looked. Cue some more creative writing!”

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