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Victorian Industry Comes Alive

Our Year 9 historians visited the Black Country Living Museum on Wednesday and Thursday last week and despite the boys having a difficult journey to get there (nearly four hours instead of the expected two, due to a closed M40), they all had an amazing time.

On arrival they enjoyed a (costumed) guided tour of a fascinating reconstruction of a late Victorian Midland ‘metal-bashing’ industrial town. They were able to imagine what it Black Country Living Museumwould have been like to be part of a large family living in one of the (to them) tiny homes, to shop at a General Store (selling everything from carrots to cotton) and could only be amazed by the resilience of workers underground in the reconstructed coal mine. They were also able to see how chain links were made by hand in one of the backyard workshops before modern  ‘health and safety’ regulations.

Jenny Wilding, Head of History said, “I think all Black Country Living Museumrealised the advantages of 21st century life for the average British 13-14 year old boy or girl, but maybe the lure of Victorian sweets and pies did provide an attraction. Visiting the canal boat dweller and some of the other ‘costumed’ attractions gave everyone the flavour of the place, and I hope that the pupils may be inspired to take their families to the Museum one day to catch up on the parts we were unable to explore.”

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