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Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Newquay Joint Netball & Rugby Tour

Boys and Girls in years 5 and 6 travelled to Newquay for a joint Netball and Rugby Tour. Read the write ups below;

Junior Boys U11 A Team 

Report to follow but here were their results;

St Peters 20-20 draw
Truro Prep 5-45 won
Falmouth RFC 15-10 lost
Helston RFC 15-10 won

Junior Boys U11 B Team 

Mr Pennington wrote the following report;

“The boys played four games on tour and from what we had already experienced this season so far, we knew that we would be in for a tough four days.  On the way down we stopped to play our first match at St Peter’s in Exeter. After getting off to a slow start we suddenly hit our stride and started taking the game to them, offloading in the tackle and some superb running allowed us to race into an unassailable lead, running out winners 45-10 out. First hurdle done and dusted, now we just had to get to our hotel.

On the Friday morning we headed off to the Aquarium in the, where the children had a great time searching for the Cornish Rattler and the Peshwari Fish, scarily enough some children even found these mythical fish.  Our second game was against Truro Prep and after an off the cuff tour around Truro we arrived at our venue.  If our first game had been a marker set down, we would surely struggle to reach the same heights again, however the boys weren’t reading from the same book as I was and just stepped it up to another level, teamwork personified, 50-0. Not allowing a team to score a try at this level is a brilliant achievement. In the evening we headed off to bowling, where several rivalries where ignited mainly on the teachers lane. Just for the record I won the teachers bowling competition continuing the U11’Bs winning streak.

On day three, after another impromptu tour of the West Country, we got to Falmouth Rugby Club. We had heard about how strong Falmouth would be and with the boys having to watch the A team game first, this would certainly test our ability to stay focused. Well what can be said, the boys were on the ball from the start after some great phase play we were 2 tries up. To Falmouth’s credit they started to came back at us hard and got level with us early into the 2nd half but we weren’t about to let this one slip, after a quick chat with the boys, they were refocused and finished off with a well worked team try and a great solo effort from Saul to take another victory 30-20.

Day four and after previously visiting the town of Truro twice already we managed to get to our venue on the first attempt, was this a sign, things would change? Not if the boys had anything to do with it, from the moment they started warming up these boys believed they could win and after Dan scored within the first 15 secs there was no way back for Helston. In a game where we were out rucked on a number occasions, usually our strong point, meant our boys had to adapt their play and sure enough their ability to move the ball quickly from the base of the ruck to wider open spaces meant they ran out dissevered winners 35-25.

A dream achieved an, AN UNBEATEN TOUR, AWESOME BOYS!!!”

Junior Girls Netball Team 

Leanne Barlow, Head of Junior Girls wrote the following report;

On the 10 November, the U11 A, B & C Teams embarked on our annual joint Sports Tour with the boys. Full of excitement and anticipation, even after a 4 hour coach journey (!), the girls’ first match was against St Peters Prep in Exeter. Considering the girls had been sat down for such a long time, they played extremely well, demonstrating skill and collaboration. As the sun set on our first match, the girls reflected on what they had done well and how they could improve for their match the next day. Final Scores:

CC-A vs St Peters 0-8

CC-B vs St Peters 0-6

CC-C vs St Peters 1-1

After a delicious cream tea and sausage roll, it was back on the coach for the last leg of our journey to Newquay!

Friday morning came after a good night’s sleep with no disruptions - and I really do mean that! Following a hearty breakfast, it was off to the Aquarium where the pupils were asked to find the Cornish Rattler and the Peshwari Fish. Both creatures, of course, made up  (one is a Cornish Cider!) but it didn’t stop the boys and girls looking for them, asking the aquarium staff where to find them and then actually claiming they had found them! During our coach journeys that day, Mr Barber, Mr Leuzinger and Mr Gillespie delivered such convincing tour guide performances full of informative and interesting facts about the sights we saw -  what a treat!

We arrived at Truro Prep School raring to play and the girls did not disappoint. Although a win was still not on the cards, the girls improved their skill level and played even better than the day before.

CC-A vs Truro Prep 9-9

CC-B vs Truro Prep 2-3

CC-C vs Truro Prep 2-6

Truro Prep were fantastic hosts not only because they provided cornish pasties but because they were fantastic sports, kind and incredibly welcoming. Roll on next year!

Friday’s evening entertainment was bowling and Miss Hudson had a title to retain! What she didn’t know was that Mr Pennington, who had kept very quiet about his talent, was present!

Saturday came which meant our last game of the tour (Sunday was put aside for training). The girls would be playing Truro High School set up high equalling strong winds and rain! You always think the last game is going to be the best, and it certainly was! Each team worked their socks off and put everything they had learned into practise, despite the terrible weather. Final Scores (no losses this time!):

CC-A vs Truro High 14-12

CC-B vs Truro High 9-6

CC-C vs Truro High 8-8

Our last evening was spent in Pizza Express back in Newquay and what a wonderful evening it was to close our tour. I can honestly say that this trip was one of the best trips I have been on. Each and every pupil was well mannered and acted as an excellent ambassador for Claires Court. Both pupils and teachers had a lot of fun and we all cannot wait for the next tour!

Thank you to the 46 boys and girls and the 8 staff who helped make this trip an unforgettable experience!

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