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Word Readers Earn Bronze!

Current Year 8 girls who achieved Word Millionaire status in Year 7 (i.e read over a million words in their first year) were set a new reading challenge at the start of the term.

Accelerated ReaderThis was to continue to engage these Year 8 girls with the Accelerated Reading programme and reward them for their reading.

Librarian, Paula Copeman said, “Ten Year 8 girls were given individual Book Point targets. Each book carries its own Book Point value, depending on the length and complexity of the story. This new target therefore not just rewards words read, but the difficulty level of the books chosen. This new challenge suits more able readers and encourages them to choose more demanding texts.”

Word Readers Earn Bronze!She added, “We've arranged the Book Point challenge over three levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold.”

Congratulations to our star readers, who will receive a Bronze Book Points Target prize - a bronze star to wear on their blazer!

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