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Buddy the Elf: Update

Buddy has caused quite a stir in Year 1 as each day he finds new ways to cause mischief!

Buddy on a snowflakeMonday - The boys came in to find him hanging from the snowflakes!

Tuesday - Buddy zip wired into class on a candy cane!

Wednesday - The boys arrived in the morning to find that Buddy was having breakfast with Woody and Elsa. The lucky "toys" had spaghetti with lots of sweeties and syrup on the top. Buddy has also left them the movie "Elf" to watch. The boys are rather excited about this and they think the movie "Elf" is about their Elf in class.

Thursday - On Thursday Buddy decided a change of career to “Buddy the Rockin’ Elf”. The boys now think he is a super cool rock star in the North Pole.

Friday - The boys came in to find him swinging from the ceiling and to see that he changed all of the numbers around on the Maths display of "Place Value". They all giggled a lot and then said how cheeky he is.

Buddy the Rock Star

Buddy the elf

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