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Dinosaurs, Winter Poetry and Magic Stones…

Last week was a busy week at Junior Boys.

Year 1 visited the library to discover more about Dinosaurs using the School’s tablets. They researched and watched videos to help them understand the animal’s lives and how they became extinct.

Over to Year 2 and they have been engrossed in writing poems relating to ‘winter’.  They produced some fantastic acrostic poems and painted snowy scenes to decorate their display. They also walked through The Thicket to encourage them to think about ‘settings’. The boys had to use their senses to describe the different things they could see, hear, smell etc., to help them prepare for writing their own story about finding a ‘magic stone’ with special powers.

Poonam Bharj, Teaching Assistant, said;

“These activities helped encourage the boys to think about how their story will start, where they might be in the story and how they will find their stone. Being able to see, hear and smell the different surroundings really does help with their imagination when preparing to write their own stories.”

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