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Naughty Elves!

Three ‘Elves on the Shelves’ made their way into Miss Morris’ Year 1 class earlier this month! It all started with a letter from Santa letter telling them his naughtiest and cheekiest Elf, Pax, had escaped, and guess what?  Pax was found to be making mischief in their classroom.

Year 1's Elf on a ShelfIt all started on December 1st, with the boys searching high and low for the Elf and eventually found him hiding behind the tree. Over the week Pax was caught eating their advent calendars (and stopped by Woody and Buzz), swinging across the ceiling via Candy Cane and making a "shoe-shoe train" out of the boys wellies and other toys from the classroom. The next day the classroom was found vandalized with toilet paper.... It didn’t take them long before they realized that Pax had received help with his exploits.

Santa wrote a further letter to inform the class that two other naughty elves had heard of Pax's fun and escaped too. The next day Elsa put a stop to this by freezing Pax, Pixie and Pete (named by Year 1). However the Elves must have felt quite bad, as when the boys arrived to school on Monday they had made snow angels out of icing sugar and made a beautiful chocolate cake they could all enjoy.

Miss Morris commented;
“The boys absolutely loved our cheeky Elves and it’s been a lot of fun rushing in each morning to find out what they've been up to through the night. I think we're all going to miss them come Wednesday when our Elf fun ends.”

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