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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

More Elf Mischief!

During the last days of term the Year 1 boys’ Elf, Buddy, was still getting up to plenty of mischief in their classroom!

Buddy the Elf and Santa's SleighMonday - The boys arrived to find that Buddy had put barriers up in front of the classroom door, the boys, parents and teachers had to duck each time they came into the classroom. Some teachers have been using it to practice the limbo. The playful elf also wrapped the christmas tree in toilet paper!

Tuesday - Buddy was caught riding in Santa's sleigh with the Polar Bears pulling him around. The boys were very excited and thought he was very cheeky for stealing Santa's sleigh.

Buddy the Elf in a Hot Air BalloonWednesday - On Buddy’s final night of getting up to no good, he arrived on a balloon and brought the boys some candy cane treats.  There was great excitement as the Elf’s adventures and pranks came to an end... just in time for the Christmas Holidays to start.

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