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from Nursery to Sixth Form

Wedding Fever

Following the good news of Miss Barlow's engagement over the festive period, Reception girls decided to have a wedding!  

Suzanne James, Reception Teacher describes what was involved;

“To fit with our 'in the moment planning' we got busy organizing and discussing what sort of wedding we would like.  Some of the girls had never been to a wedding so I showed them a short video of one, this gave us lots of ideas.  As we discussed and implemented our ideas all seven areas of the EYFS curriculum were covered.

The girls communicated and decided we needed a bride and groom, which then changed to a bride and bride.  We also needed bridesmaids, a vicar, photographer and guests.  We decided Marni and Holly would be married and Maia would be the vicar.  Tiana had the important job as photographer.  It was an incredible experience and the girls loved every minute of it with Holly, the bride, saying 'I want to get married everyday'!”

The skills developed were:Reception Girls have a wedding

Personal & Social Development - discussing feelings about love and marriage. In the video the bride was crying and talked about tears of joy rather than sadness.  We talked about how weddings are happy times, a bringing together of two families.

Communication and Language - discussing what the wedding vows meant.  Asking 'how' and 'why' questions about weddings.  Following instructions when setting up the wedding.

Physical Development -  carrying and placing tables and chairs.  Good pencil control and letter formation for invites.

Literacy - writing invitations, writing messages in the 'guest book'.  Learning new words - bouquet, bridesmaid, confetti.  Reading and following the recipe for the wedding cake.

Mathematics - counting number of guests, making sure we had the correct number of chairs. Dividing the petals equally between the two bridesmaids. Sharing out the party food.  Measuring and weighing ingredients for the wedding cake.

Understanding the World - Talking about family customs.  Learning about wedding traditions - first dance, throwing the bouquet, raising a toast, speeches, white dresses, exchanging rings, to name a few!  ICT was incorporated using iPad to photograph and record the wedding.

Expressive Arts and Design - listening to new music - the wedding march.  Acting out a narrative. Expressing themselves through music - lots of great dancing at the wedding party!

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