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Maths Challenges for Year 6 Boys

Boys in Year 6 have been challenged with a whole host of maths problems to solve through a series of chapters in a story! The story has been written by Mr Hogg, the boys’ teacher and as the pupils solve each problem, the story evolves...

Year 6 boys maths challengeIn pairs the boys have to think collaboratively to solve each conundrum which had been shared on a google document with them. For example, the first chapter contained a secret number code that started 8-5-12-16 13-5... the boys had to work out that each number related to the position of the letter in the alphabet and so cracking the code. Other chapters involved the boys discovering Fibonacci and Triangular numbers.

Mrs Davies, Librarian commented;
“The lesson was fantastic! The boys were so engaged, they displayed all the core values including independence, critical thinking and problem solving.”

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