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'RAHAB' Charity Speak at Sixth Form Assembly

In last Friday’s in assembly, Sixth Form were introduced to Nicola from 'RAHAB' in Reading, a charity founded in 2009 to care for those affected by prostitution, human trafficking and exploitation, be it criminal, financial or sexual. They learned that this affects the lives of countless people of all ages, nationalities and walks of life.

Last year, in Reading alone, there were 86 victims of exploitation, 15 being victims of trafficking. RAHAB's challenge is to be part of the solution for change for those without a voice or choice whilst providing the highest level of restorative care and prioritising their dignity and freedom. Nicola asked for volunteers to help with the presentation and Lauren, Matt and Joe stepped up to the task of being victims of trafficking.

The average cost of a trafficked human being is just £200 and they can earn thousands of pounds for their "owners". It was interesting to learn how it is possible for victims to recruit further victims and yet not be in a position to escape from the people who hold them captive. We are hoping that Nicola can come back to talk about this in more depth in the future.

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