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Jack and His Beanstalk Causing More Mischief in the Juniors

There have been some very strange things happening in the Reception class at Junior Girls.

To fit in with this term’s theme, 'Traditional Tales', the girls have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk. Mrs James, Reception teacher told us more about the peculiar sequence of events;

“When we came in from break yesterday, we followed a trail of magic beans from the Year 2 classroom into ours where we found a gold box and a note from Jack asking us to look after his magic beans.  He said we must sort and count the beans BUT whatever we do, do not throw them out the window.

The girls had great fun working in groups collaborating and communicating about how they were going to sort and count their set of magic beans.  It was wonderful to see the different approaches each team used, some made their beans into a coloured bar graph, another group wrote each colour and number of beans and the third group put their beans on their white board and wrote the number beside it.   Everything was going so well until... Mrs st John failed to catch the bean I threw at her and it went straight out of the window! Now we have a beanstalk growing, but Tabitha said 'Its ok, its only half a beanstalk so the giant can’t come down it, it’s not tall enough.' Phew!"

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