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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Top Dance Show by Girls

The ‘Top of the Pops’ themed bi-annual Dance Show was a sell out that did not disappoint the 600 strong audience. Over three performances, 300 dancers from Reception to Staff (ages not revealed!) showed exceptional talent and a diversity of styles.

Girls Dance ShowMr Bevis, Headteacher commented,

“Our most talented dancers wowed us with their fluidity, physicality and ability to communicate with their audience, those that choreographed their own dances, or dances for other groups brought wonderful creativity and collaboration. But our show was not just about a few selected elite performers. The form or class dances meant that every pupil dances, and those whose footwork and movement memory is less secure are helped and supported by their more advanced peers. We were given three thoroughly joyous and entertaining performances and our audiences constantly showed their appreciation.  I must say a huge thank you to all members of the PE Department, led by Jo Cox, for their ambition and determination that every pupil has a memory of being part of something that they will never forget.”

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