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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Bouncing into Spring

Boys and girls at the Claires Court Nursery had a special visit from some week old lambs from Hurleyford Farm.

Reception Girl Cuddling LambMrs Burfitt, a parent of the School, brought the lambs in to show the children to support their learning for their topic about spring. The girls and boys enjoyed seeing the lambs and were very excited to stroke them. Reception girls also popped over to have a stroke and a cuddle.

Mrs Sheena Wilding, Head of Nursery, commented:

“Nursery pupil Harry’s mother brought in four of her week to 11 day old lambs for the Nursery children to observe and cuddle and they did this with huge enthusiasm and tenderness. The lambs are bottle fed and used to being handled so coped enormously well with the children's petting.

At home Harry and his sister Charlotte have about 400 lambs but here just four were needed to keep the Nursery children and staff very well entertained and they provided a lovely learning experience which was enjoyed by all.”

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