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Inspiring Maths Lectures

On Tuesday 28 February, twenty Year 12 and 13 mathematicians enjoyed a collection of talks by very entertaining and knowledgeable mathematicians at The Hexagon in Reading as part of The Maths Inspiration Lectures. One speaker, Steve Mould, demonstrated that wheels do not need to be circular, how to find how many numbers in the universe start with one and most amazingly demonstrated a phenomenon he discovered four years ago.  Now called the Mould Effect, he explained how strings of metal beads create a self perpetuating fountain. Click on this link to witness it for yourself.

The second speaker, Sammie Buzzard, a researcher from Reading University explained how she uses maths to predict the future of Antarctica by modelling the melting of polar ice caps in the face of global warming. The third speaker Ben Sparks combined his mathematical and musical skills to describe the "hidden laws" of probability that govern poker and what it is that really makes "numbers dance". The host for the morning was Matt Parker, a well known TV and radio presenter who engaged the students with the way ‘Pi’ occurs not just in circles but in pendulums, and strangely as a series of fractions.

Todd Muil commented

"The talk by Matt Parker about Pi was very interesting and really boosted my passion for maths." Watch Matt's youtube video here.

After the talks some of our students had the opportunity to chat and have photos with Matt Parker.

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