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World Book Day: The Sweet Taste of Success!

To celebrate World Book Day and encourage a love of reading, Year 10 ASDAN group organised their own Senior Treasure Hunt for fellow pupils. The event had an Alice in Wonderland theme, with the treasure hunt on Thursday (starting at registration and lasting until lunchtime) and a tea party on the Friday in the library during lunch time. The hunt was for book related items that were hidden all over the school - items based on children's classics.

Senior Girls World Book Day Treasure HuntThe winning entrants into this year's World Book Day challenge celebrated with a sweet feast in the Senior Library. All the Senior Girls who won the Book Treasure Hunt Challenge exchanged their winning Golden Ticket for a seat at the Mad Hatter's Tea Table in the Senior Library, all cooked and served by the Year 10 and Year 11 ASDAN group. Most popular were the chocolate dipped berries and a showstopper of an M&M chocolate Kit Kat cake.

Mr Paul Bevis, Head Teacher commented,

“The Treasure Hunt was completely organised by the Year 10 ASDAN group, who lead an assembly on Monday to introduce the event. We are very proud of the great leadership shown by pupils as they rise up through the school be it in music, drama and sport, and to see them drive another initiative is a powerful testament to our commitment to an all round education.”

Mrs Copeman, Librarian, was thrilled with the event,.

"This was the best aspect of World Book Day - it wasn’t just a 'show' event, it was a reading inspired challenge that was been created, planned, managed and executed by the ASDAN girls themselves - not parents or teachers! We've run many different initiatives for World Book Day in the past, but having the girls themselves involved in the promotion of books and reading has been a pleasure. They totally grasped the excitement of reading and translated it into a mass-appeal event to celebrate World Book Day. If that's not worth a few crumbs on the Library carpet, then nothing is!"

Mrs Wilding, ASDAN Tutor said, "I'm so proud of all their hard work and of what they have accomplished, especially the collaboration between the Year 10 and Year 11 year groups".

"Let's' see if they can beat this next year!" challenged Toni Dibley, Year 11.

Challenge accepted!

World Book Day Treasure Hunt

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