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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

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The Great British Build Off!

Boys in Year 4 had a fun weekend of Bushcraft, or as the boys called it The Claires Court Great British Build Off!

Cooking Cookies in OrangesWhile half of the year group went off on a football tour, this half of Year 4 enjoyed a day of Bushcraft activities. The morning started off in the Thicket with a lively debate on "survival" skills and technique followed by a shelter building competition. The boys then displayed excellent tracking skills with a few games of “manhunt” through the undergrowth.

After a picnic style packed lunch, the boys were shown various methods of fire lighting and they each had a go with a flint and steel.

The day concluded with a spot of camp cooking. The boys each hollowed out an orange and filled it with cookie dough mixture which was then cooked over the embers of the fire - the boys declared the finished result delicious and all the boys headed home tired, happy, smelly and muddy!

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