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Seeing the Signs of Spring at The Thicket

It was an afternoon of fun in The Thicket for Reception girls and boys on Wednesday, when they explored nature. 

Reception Spring WalkThey had the perfect weather,  a beautiful sunny day.  One of the first things the pupils noticed was the tiny buds growing on trees, a sure sign that spring is on its way they thought!  From using sticks to measure the depth of a small well of water in a tree stump, to climbing trees, the  boys and girls science, geography, maths, and physical development skills were all put to the test.

On their bug hunt they were surprised to find some of the (handmade clay) hedgehogs that they had hibernated in the Autumn, though they decided it best to leave the hedgehogs where they were as it wasn't time for them to wake up yet!

Suzanne James, Reception Girls Teacher said;

“It was wonderful to see the boys and girls interacting, communicating and collaborating and we look forward to many more visits to The Thicket."

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