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from Nursery to Sixth Form

Year 2 Search Facts at the National Archives

Year 2 boys set off on their visit to Kew confident that they knew their stuff, but excited about learning some new facts.

Year 2 exploring national archivesMrs Jane Wood, Year 2 teacher said;

“The boys responded so well to the activities set; finding Pudding Lane on a map hand drawn in 1667, working out from a Tax Return (even then!) how many ovens and hearths Thomas Farriner had and what jobs the people living on Pudding Lane did - there were some very strange ones, the ‘hook and eye’ lady for one!

Equally they were fascinated by new facts; like the burning of the nearest waterwheel which meant buckets had to be filled by hand - a very slow procedure and the fact that puddings in those days were filled with the very worst pieces of meat - a ‘gristly’ story.

The education officer at the Archives was so impressed with the boys knowledge and we were very proud of the boys who behaved so well.”

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