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Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

ISA Drama Festival 2017

Two groups from Junior and Senior Girls took part in the ISA Drama Festival, held at Hurst Lodge.  They performed exceptionally well and received some wonderful comments from the Judicator.


The War in my Head, The War in my Heart

A devised performance by Maddy and Lucy about an elderly couple who are torn apart due to mental illness, it tackled dementia and their journey as the symptoms worsen.

Bessie and Henry have the same routine every day but it falls apart when Bessie starts to forget simple things.

Bessie starts to dream about her brother who sadly past away in the war and eventually forgets he's dead in real life. Bessie forgets more and more until things start to go very wrong.

Vivienne Cunningham the Judicator said:

"You moved us, made us think, owned this stage with your creative ideas and concentration.  Girls you really moved me.  The change of pace was just at the right time, little touches throughout showed your understanding so much, it was an excellent performance. I don't know how Maddy was able to to re create the dullness in her eyes, it grew on me, a well established performance, the contrast between these characters was so developed, the relationship between the characters was remarkable. I compliment you both on a terribly moving piece of theatre."

JJunior Girls ISA DramaUNIOR Girls:

Memories Never Fade

A devised performance about an old lady stumbling on her childhood, remembering how a particular place used to be, a very physical expression on the place, past, present and future.

Vivienne Cunningham the Judicator said:

"How clever was that, what a lovely little group, great team work, wonderful example of ‘Ensemble’, the sound effects the girls made throughout the piece were excellent. This young group were challenged, with a difficult theme and have learnt so so much. The movements all worked well as I was mesmerised with this delightful natural dialogue, beautiful dialogue.  Girls, you made me see things that weren't there, you took me to a world and I was with you all the way. A very moving piece, well done."

We are proud to announce the Junior Girls group won The Dair House Prize for the most challenging/innovative choice of presentation/production.

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