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'World of Animals' Week with Holiday Activities

It’s been a fun filled week for the children enjoying this half term's Holiday Activities.

Holiday Activities boy dressed as lionThe ‘World of Animals’ activities saw the children learning about (and even becoming) animals. The boys and girls got messy and creative painting flamingoes by using their handprints to make the wings.  

They also took part in an imaginative game that helped them understand habitats and they created fantastic animal cupcakes in cookery. Can you spot the lion, panda and tiger in the jungle tray?  However the favourite highlight of the week was a visit from some spiders and snakes!

Across on the playing fields at Sports Club the boys and girls been gaining lots of skills with three days of Multi Sports. George Grose, Sports Coach explained;

“The participants have been trying out a selection of sports, ranging from the ordinary rugby, football and cricket to the more unusual dodgeball, hockey, badminton and tennis. In the morning sessions the children worked on different skills and drills allowing them to improve in these unique sports. They then used what they had learnt in the morning and put it into practice with small indoor tournaments and loads of fun competitions in the second half of the day.”

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