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Big Bang Fun Fair

A number of Year 7 and Year 8 scientists travelled to the NEC to attend the Big Bang Fair during National Science Week. They had all the fun of the fair with lots of hands on activities and an action packed live show. Mrs Mulhearn asked the attendees what their favourite part was of a busy day...

Big Bang FairDo Try This At Home (the live show) was the highlight for many:

"The scientists did not only have good ideas but also great talent including the man who worked out why the beads rise when they fall out of the beaker, also the man that told us about pictures being made out of an excel spreadsheet" Isabella Bevan

"They showed us some really cool experiments and you can try them at home as well" Katie Rathbone

Luisa was able to take part in the live show and understandably this was her highlight: "My favourite part of the Big Bang fair was when I went up on stage and got to be apart of connecting a speaker cable, sending the waves through our bodies"

As for the hands on activities:

"It was also very interesting when we got to look at all the insects and rummage around inside a fake human body" Eva Lancaster

"My favourite part about the big bang fair was the accelerator, running through the tunnel racing Usain Bolt's start time" Gracie Fenemer

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