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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Interactive Civil War Day

When Year 8 entered the hall on Friday 24 March they were no longer in 2017 but taken back to the 17th century during the Civil War.

As part of the interactive workshops, they witnessed a leg amputation, tried on armour Trying on armour at the Civil War Dayworn in the era, saw the different foods eaten and felt how heavy the weapons were!

It was a great day that all the pupils really enjoyed giving them a real insight into life during the Civil War.

Hannah Hickson, Year 8 pupil said; “We got to try on all the armour and hold some weapons too! I really liked that because it made you have an understanding of what the men fighting in the war had to fight in and how hard it was.

Then we went to a work station with lots of things that carpenters and blacksmiths used. It was very interesting. There were these little sticks that if someone borrowed money off someone then they would break a stick in half and tally how much money they had to pay back. These were called tally sticks.”

Ms Camilla Bullough, History Teacher said:

“Year 8 had a wonderful day and their learning about the Civil War was both consolidated and enhanced by being able to understand why people went to war against each other, to touch and experience how weapons were used and to appreciate the harsh reality of life at this time. They learnt to empathise with the families who lived through war and were torn apart by divided loyalties.”

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