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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Outstanding A Level Performances

The Year 13 Drama and Theatre students performed two devised pieces for the ISA Drama competition and at Norden Farm for their A Level moderation.

Look Me Over Closely is a fictional expressionistic portrayal of the character of Rebecca who is already dead at the start of Daphne du Maurier’s novel, Rebecca. The actors explored the events that unfolded on the fatal night Rebecca died – a night filled with passion, deceit and violence.

The stage lighting was managed by Callum Sixth Form A Level ModerationsPerera. Sophie Parsons gave an unforgettable performance in the role of Rebecca and Christopher Rayer played the part of her husband, Max de Winter with power and emotional depth. Both of these outstanding actors were awarded the ISA, Margaret Milner-Williams medal for best senior performers. The performance was also awarded the ISA, Hurst Lodge Award for best senior production.

A Sense of Senselessness is based on the turbulent relationship between Ruth Ellis and David Blakely leading to a brutal killing and ultimately Ruth’s hanging. This performance speaks of their longing and betrayal, abandonment and obsessing, loss and despair. Done in the style of physical theatre, it goes back to the ancient myth that two lovers can only be united in death.

Annie Mears gave a highly sensitive performance as Ruth, the volatile character of David was played with conviction by Jacob Chouffot. His close friend, Anthony, was played authentically by Jordan Sullivan. Charlie Cassidy played the part of Desmond, the man who loved her and who gave her the gun sensitively.

Both performances were highly appreciated by audiences.  

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