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Fish, Reptiles and Lions at Chessington!

On a school trip to Chessington, Year 1 boys got close up to look at all the sea life creatures they learned about last term.

Junior Boys Explore ChessingtonMiss Bethan Morris, Year 1 teacher summed up the day:

“We found Nemo, Dory, starfish, stingrays, penguins, hammerhead sharks, lots of different fish and some of us even shook hands with a shrimp! The boys enjoyed walking through the Aquarium tunnel and watching all these creatures swim over their heads. We were lucky enough to have a half an hour session with one of the Sealife workers and the boys got to ask questions and find out more about our fishy friends.

After a lovely picnic on the grass, we decided to go on the hunt for some reptiles (which we learnt about during our Dinosaur topic last term). We had a shock to find not only reptiles but gorillas, lions, tigers, zebras, giraffes etc.

The boys had a fantastic day (as did the teachers) but were definitely in need of a little nap on the coach after our exciting day.”

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