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Taking Part in an Air Raid Workshop

Last week Year 5 girls visited the RAF Museum to explore WW2 artifacts and planes and included an air raid workshop. During the 'Air Raid!' Workshop the girls travelled back to November 1940, when the Blitz was at its peak.

They met an Air Raid Warden, braved an air raid and dressed in authentic Royal Air Force uniforms!  As well as this they took part in a fact finding mission to learn all about the different planes in the exhibition and enjoyed exploring how aircraft operate during the self-guided tour.

Year 5 Visit RAF MuseumHere are what some of the girls had to say about the day:

"The tour was fascinating because each airplane had lots and lots of facts beside it!" N'eve

"The staff were polite and happy to help, especially when they were explaining about the planes in the Museum" Sophia

"They really brought it alive when they dressed up in WW2 uniforms!" Violaine

"The shop is very organised and they have a mix of items for all ages.  The toys also come in a range of prices" Shamailah

"Compliments to the cleaners as there was not a spot of dirt!" Emily

"I really enjoyed the 'Air Raid!' workshop - it was lots of fun and educational too" Sophie J

Pupil Zara's review was selected to be published on trip advisor:

Did I enjoy the RAF Museum?

Year 5 Visit RAF MuseumYes, I loved it because we took part in the workshops….We ‘time traveled’ back to 1941 and went into a WW2 living room. We heard some of the sounds that you would here nightly for your air raids like the clearing signal, a bell, the gas mask signal, the clicker, and some other noises. Then the air raid signal came on and we walked into an Anderson shelter and waited until it was all clear. Then we went downstairs and tried on some uniforms. I enjoyed this because I got to be the Commander and order my friends around and that was really fun!

Next we looked around and saw some astounding planes - my favourite was the Lancaster Bomber. You had to be 22+ to fly in the Lancaster and there were 7 people in that plane to fly it at once! Then we went and had some delicious lunch and learnt a tiny bit about air and planes. Then we went and did an tricky quiz in our groups and personally I think it is an amazing place to find amazing facts! After all that we went to the toilets and they had very pleasant facilities, then we went to the shop and it had a range of things you could buy, all of which I loved! Now, the only things I didn’t like was that some of the exhibits weren't there for the quiz and there was no place for the coach to park, which was not their fault, but the bus got a bit hit because it had nowhere to park!

Overall I would recommend The RAF Museum as it great fun, especially with friends by your side so I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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