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A Night of Exploring and Camping

Last weekend Year 3 boys and girls enjoyed a night of exploring, den building and camping. To start the weekend off they headed to Dinton Pastures where the groups were split into two: one group went orienteering and the other group went den building and after lunch the groups swapped over.

In the orienteering activity the boys and girls walked around the grounds and learnt how a compass works. They then went back to base to build their very own compass which they then used to find North and went on an adventure... Following instructions, that were written a long time ago, they had to work out the right way to go to find objects around Dinton Pastures. They were taken to a field where they were given clues to find a letter which made a word.

Year 3 campingIn the den building activity they had to build a Den for their group to take shelter in, starting with building prototypes for a teddy bear. Once they had successfully done that they were given Tarpaulin and rope to go and build a den to shelter the group.

Of course before they left they had a lot of fun playing in the park! Back at Junior Boys everyone enjoyed games and a delicious bbq with hot dogs and burgers and doughnuts for pudding. Whilst sipping on hot chocolate, the boys and girls listened to poems read out by Mr Leuzinger before bedtime.

Up early with the dawn chorus, bags were packed, breakfast enjoys and more games before everyone headed home, having had great fun!

Here’s what some of the pupils said:

“Den building for the bears was amazing. I was really pleased with my Teddy Bear Den” Sander

“I enjoyed making the compasses because we will know which way to go when we get lost” Sashank

“It was really good fun but hard work putting up the tents with my friends” Thomas

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