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Senior Girls Join Election Campaigning

For the last week in PSHEE the Year 10 girls have been working in their houses and reading through the official manifestos to create their own party aims and policies. The have been campaigning around school by putting up posters and in assembly the girls spoke to the whole of Senior Girls about what their aims are and what they would want to achieve.

Senior Girls CampaigningThey told their fellow peers what their party manifestos are and why the girls should vote for them and there were some good questions to and from the parties to each other which opened up a good Q&A session.

St Francis are representing the Conservatives

St Ignatius are representing the Lib Dems

St Therese is Labour

St Vincent is UK

On the 8 June the girls will be voting during assembly time. Electoral registers have been given to tutors so the girls can decide whether or not they want to vote. But just like in the real thing, if they decide not to vote now and then change their minds they still will not be allowed to vote on the day!

Senior Girls Campaigning

Senior Girls Campaigning

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