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Junior Girls Have Been Busy Problem Solving

All week Junior Girls have been problem solving. Read below for just some of the activities the girls across all years have been up to:

Lower Junior Girls
With no instructions, Reception girls had to put a tent up! A difficult task indeed but as lots of the girls had been camping before, they managed to put the tent up together.

The Lower Juniors set up their own obstacle courses using a variety of equipment and were in mixed aged groups. They communicated and collaborated to design their own obstacle course, which was then tested out by the other teams.

They joined forces again for a letter hunt on the field, where in groups of four they had to collect enough letters to make the longest word and as many words as possible.  The winning team with the longest word had an 8 letter word - Gabriella.

Year 5 Problem SolvingYear 5
They planned and taught a problem solving lesson for reception, created their own treasure hunt for Year 3 and used their mathematics skills to solve the Murder at the Movies! The girls also made structures using spaghetti and tape to be strong enough to hold a marshmallow.

Year 6
Year 6 have had an amazing problem-solving week.  It started with a team building event, where the girls had to build the tallest tower they could, using 20 sticks of spaghetti, 1 metre of string and 1 metre of masking tape.  The only catch was the structure had to be free-standing and be strong enough to hold a marshmallow!  

They very fortunate on Tuesday and Wednesday to welcome Nav and Uma from Ninja Coding to Year 6 for a coding workshop.  The theme was 'The Big Idea' and Uma and Nav covered topic areas such as entrepreneurs, inventions, patents and business plans.  In the afternoon sessions, on both days, the girls went into the ICT suite and did some coding.   It was a fantastic couple of days and the girls learned so much.  

Year 6 Problem SolvingOn Thursday, Year 6 researched some real-life female problem solvers.  Each group had to produce an A3 poster and a presentation about their inventor.  The girls thoroughly enjoyed this activity and produced some amazing work.  

Finally, on Friday, the girls investigated a problem involving shadows as part of their science topic and problem-solving week.  Using cocktail umbrellas and homemade sun beds, they had to see how the position of the sunbeds would change throughout a typical day by the pool.  

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