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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

The Polls Opened in Lower Juniors!

Year 1 composed their own manifestos on Thursday morning which involved thinking about what changes they would like to see at school, in hospitals and in Maidenhead. Ideas such as more money for the homeless, a pony for each class, free parking in Maidenhead, cleaner roads, play areas in every hospital, lollipop ladies at school and more sweet shops in Maidenhead!

Reception - Year 2 then each received their own voting card and arrived at the Year 1 Polling Station to cast their vote after hearing all of the manifestos.

The votes have been counted and it was a victory for the blue team. Here are some of the points on their manifesto:

For Maidenhead

  • More help to the poor

  • Cleaner roads

  • Make Maidenhead bigger

For Claires Court

  • Golden time every afternoon

  • A large trampoline

  • Sweets at break time

For Hospitals

  • Playrooms in every hospital

  • Free hot drinks to cheer sad people up

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