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It’s a Win for the Conservatives

This term in PHSEE Year 10 have been working in their Houses to run a General Election. In assembly they pulled out of a hat what political party their Houses would be running as:

St Francis: Conservatives - Amy Ingram, Rosie Smith and Cleo Sloggett
St Ignatius: Liberal Democrats - Ciara Griffiths, Serena Bhatti and Jemima Edge
St Therese: Labour - Isabella Byrne and Shanel Paine-Jones
St Vincent:  UKIP - Ava Lyons and Deia Ayres

The first task the girls had to complete was deciding who would represent their parties before deciding on their manifestos. On the 25 May the girls held a hustings to improve Senior Girls what their parties were focusing on:

The Conservatives focused on improvements to infrastructure, increase electronic automobile technology and increasing railway capacity.

Labour focused on education for all and reducing tuition fees at university, raising the minimum wage to a living wage and investing in the NHS.

UKIP focused on improving community health care, fighting rural crime and improving local education.

Lib Dems focused on railway franchises, further and higher education with vocational courses, keeping the country green and town planning.

Senior Girls had a great voting turn out with 92% registering to vote. Here are the final results:

Mrs Sarah Clifford, Geography Teacher said " The girls have all worked extremely hard on their campaigns and it has opened up discussions with the girls about politics and increased their understanding of what happened yesterday and the result of the real general election."

And here's the winning speech from the Conservatives:

"We would like to thank each and every student and teacher that has contributed to voting for us, the conservative party. We pledge to improve transport services, to better to penal system so that feels safe. Also we will improve the wages of British public and lower taxes to keep more of their income wages. We promise to improve Britain and to make a stronger, better, happier country after leaving the European Union. Thank you once again for voting for what is right!"

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