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Year 6 Inspired By Careers

Over the past five days, Year 6 have had a wonderful time looking to the future and exploring possible careers.  The girls have received visitors from all different career paths with inspirational stories and advice to inspire the girls to pursue their dreams. This week has seen many visitors come in which are mentioned below, next week they will welcome more guests.

Day 1: The girls learnt how to produce a CV.  Using a template on google docs, the class had to decide what relevant information should go on a CV.  Their work was outstanding!

Day 2: On Tuesday the girls welcomed Jackie Sykes into Year 6.  She spent time talking about her job as a psychologist and author.  The girls found it fascinating and asked some really thought-provoking questions.  Mrs Sykes commented on how ‘bright, grounded, mature and curious’ the girls were!    

Year 6 Careers VisitorDay 3: Charlie Webster, a sports TV  presenter, told the girls her story.  From becoming the first female sports TV presenter in Asia, to running 250 miles in seven days, raising £110,000 for Women’s Aid, she’s been on a remarkable journey.  The story of her 3,000 mile cycle ride to the Rio Olympics last year and subsequent illness amazed the girls!   She was an inspiration for us all!

Charlie Webster  said “I was really impressed with the girls confidence to speak up and ask lots of questions. The girls asked such dynamic questions demonstrating they fully understood the messages I wanted to get across to them, despite being subtle. I wanted to inspire the girls to really fight for what they want with determination and persistence and to have belief in themselves. The girls are a credit to themselves and their school.”

Some of the girls also commented on the talk:

Suhani - “it was really interesting, she told us what it was like to be in a coma and also about the different countries she visited. On one of her marathon’s she raised £110k.”

Karina Careers Visitor- “She really inspired us with the stories she told and was really open. As a women she was told she couldn’t do some things, but she fought hard to get where she wanted. It was nice to hear how close she is with her mum.”

Claudia - “I found it fascinating to hear she was the first female sports presenter in Asia.

Day 4: Mr and Mrs Parr visited us on Day 4 and told us of their journey to becoming entrepreneurs. They explained the visions they had and the risks they took on their way to starting their own exciting company, ‘ProBike Tool’.   The girls responded extremely well, asking many probing questions.   Mrs Parr commented, ‘We were really inspired by the girls and their willingness to participate, come up with fantastic analogies, amazing questions and their attentiveness.  They would make a great panel on Dragons Den!’

Day 5: Mr Lawrence was the final visitor of the week and inspired the girls with his story of taking opportunities when they present themselves and seizing the moment.  His journey from Bracknell to Australia to the Philippines and back home again was fascinating and it provoked many questions from the class.  

Mrs Fowke also gave the girls some first aid training which they thoroughly enjoyed!  

Mr Laouira, Year 6 teacher said: “We would like to thank all our guests who have given up their time this week to inspire the girls (and staff!).  All in all, it has been an amazing week in Year 6- we are looking forward to more visitors next week!”

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