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from Nursery to Sixth Form

Healthy Eating Week 2017

Across the School pupils and staff have been in the Healthy Eating Week mode and selecting the healthier options at break and lunch times, as well as trying out new foods. Here are some of the activities that have been taking place across the School:

Junior Girls
The Reception girls made delicious fruit kebabs. The pupils decided which fruit they wanted on their kebab and then began cutting with 'real knives', being careful of their little fingers!  The girls used a lot of mathematical language when cutting the fruit, such as halves and quarters.

Year 3 girls created their own recipes and made healthy snack balls. They weighed ingredients such as oats, honey, banana, dates and prunes before making the treats. Other year groups have been making couscous, healthy smoothies and trying different types of dried fruit.

Junior Boys
The boys were given five challenges this week to remind them how to stay healthy.  They tried new smoothies and snacks that they then voted on. They have had an opportunity to walk a mile a day, with House Captains providing jugs of water to encourage the boys to stay hydrated.

There was a lot of food tasting and the boys were happy to try everything and like most of what was on offer; the dried strawberries went down really well. When trying roasted vegetables the boys were able to identify most of the vegetables like carrots and onions. A handful of boys liked them but on the whole they weren't too keen!!

Senior Boys
Mr Bowen's (almost totally) healthy food demonstration for Year 9 Camp, had some of the boys up in assembly cooking tasty foods for the rest of the pupils to taste, that all went down very well!

"I loved the Urban Fruits Dried Mango! My new favourite healthy snack!"
Mr Hudson

Senior Girls  
In food studies girls were tasked to make healthy breakfasts and something they had never tried before, some pupils were very adventurous -  making sushi!  

Over the week the dining hall staff have been monitoring pupils’ food choices and the healthiest eater for Senior Girls was Scarlett in Year 7 who was presented with a healthy smoothie and drink book plus a grow your own vegetable kit and certificate.

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