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More Career Inspiration for Year 6

Over the past five days, Year 6 have had a wonderful time looking into the future and exploring more possible careers.

On Monday the girls had a special visit from PC Hall and two PCSOs.  They spoke about their jobs and their roles in the community.  The girls were able to have a close look at their equipment and even try on some uniform. Shaunagh then took the girls outside and showed them the police car.  It was a brilliant morning and the class thoroughly enjoyed it!

Sarah Helm visited on Tuesday and spoke about her training company ‘Talent By Design.’  She talked them through her career path and the different roles she has taken on.  The girls absorbed everything and asked some fantastic questions!  Another inspirational morning!

Amanda Jesseman was Wednesday’s guest and amazed the girls with her inspiring career as an Aeronautical Engineer.  She spoke in great detail about the Airbus a380 and the role she played in creating this plane.  All the girls learnt so much and it gave an insight into a career that maybe they had never considered.

The final day of the careers fortnight saw Ian Duncombe visit.  He spoke of his career as a Building Services and Environmental Engineer and spoke through his impressive career journey and the different buildings he has worked on, including the Gherkin and projects in 30 different countries.  It was an engaging talk and resulted in many questions from the class.  

Ruth Dries, Director of Business Planning at London Business School, was the final visitor and she spoke passionately about her career journey capitals campaign manager.  It was a fascinating story of taking opportunities when they present themselves - it gave the girls a slightly different perspective of a career path.  

Mr Laouira, Year 6 teacher commented:

“We are extremely grateful to all our inspirational visitors over the past two weeks- it has been fascinating listening to their stories and I’m sure the girls have learnt so much.”

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