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The Viking Rituals

On Monday 12 June, Year 3 met Hrothgar the Viking who brought stories of Gods and rituals to life. They got to try on helmets, hold chainmail and look at how different weapons were used. The boys took part in a role play of 'Sif and her Golden Hair' and the burial of a chieftain.

They also enjoyed watching a fire being lit and playing the Viking game of Hnefatafl. It was a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience for all involved.

Here’s what some of the boys had to say:

“Viking Day was brilliant because we acted out stories and tried on helmets” Marcus

“It was so exciting when Hrothgar shot a bow and arrow” George

“I liked the demonstrations of the weapons and the hands on experience of the whole day” - Sashank

“Acting out the stories and wearing costumes was my favourite part of the day”  Liam

“Learning about how the Vikings lived, their rituals and Gods was so interesting” Ollie

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