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from Nursery to Sixth Form

Creativity flourishes during lockdown

Art and creativity is continuing for Claires Court pupils who have completed wonderful drawings and paintings from home during lockdown.

Boys and girls from Reception to Year 10 have used their home surroundings and materials, and responses to the lockdown, as sources of inspiration to express their creative sides.

Joel Wareing, Senior Girls Head of Art, said: “Museums might be temporarily closed in these testing times, but our pupils have continued producing their own gallery of work based on the curriculum and beyond. We have been amazed by the amount and standard of work we have received since lockdown. We have seen some very imaginative work and pupils are often going above and beyond what we expect. They are being resourceful with the materials they have around them and clearly absorbing themselves in the creative process and enjoying the wellbeing that art brings, losing track of time with their art and reducing screentime.”

Junior pupils have been completing theme based artwork where pupils choose from a weekly list of 10 themes, choose their media then complete their work. During weekly virtual live art lessons pupils can ask questions and get advice on aspects of their work.

In the Senior school, Year 7s enjoyed making faces with objects found at home for their ‘Identity’ project. Year 8s who study pattern and texture proudly produced some Mandala drawings inspired from nature. Year 9s’ subject was land art, and year 10 pupils used the theme ‘my world’.

Henry, Year 10 pupil, said: “Studying art is a good choice for GCSE, thinking in a different and more creative way compared to other subjects. The skills you learn can be used throughout your life either with work or as a hobby. During this lockdown it is making my spare time more productive and worthwhile. It is really enjoyable because there’s a lot of choice with what you can do with the work and how you interpret different topics.” 

Raphael, Year 10, added: “Art helps take up my time with something productive and enjoyable. Especially during lockdown, it helps take your mind off things.”

Art at Claires Court isn't just intellectually stimulating - it also has an element of fun, discovery and self-reward. Pupils have embraced their love of art in many creative ways especially during lockdown.

Frances Ackland-Snow, artist-in-residence and Head of Art at Senior Boys at Claires Court, commented: “My passion is to bring the community together and to help people through the medium of art. Art does heal and the lockdown has shown the importance of the arts. 

“I have been painting a painting everyday and I have also been running a Live Art Studio on a Thursday afternoon allowing the community to connect and paint together - boys, girls, teachers and parents at the same time. People painting in real time does create a human connection which at the moment we are craving. “

James Wilding, Academic Principal, added: "We are continuing our curriculum during the lockdown through the use of technology for home learning, including art, D&T, drama, music and PE sessions. Art is a wonderful way to show creativity, reflect and boost our own happiness in balance with screen-time and other academic subjects, so it’s important to try to continue this from our home studios. It’s delightful to see such an amazing and impressive display of artistic skills from our pupils.”

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