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from Nursery to Sixth Form

Fees 2017 2018

Nursery Fees

Nursery fees are structured differently to main school.

The Finance Office, on 01628 327350 is always happy to assist with any enquiries you may have over tuition fees and ancillary charges.

Fees Scale 2017-2018


Reception/net of Nursery Education Funding* £2940/£2100
1 £3285
2 £3585
3,4,5 £3735
6, 7, 8 (current pupils on roll from Y5) £4425
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 £5055
Sixth Form (current pupils on roll) £5175/
 Sixth Form (direct entry Y12/13) £5310
*qualifying children valid up to and including the term they turn five

There are three preferred payment methods

  • Monthly instalment scheme (see below)
  • Termly in full (on or before first day of term)
  • Yearly (in advance by arrangement, to be paid by the end of May)

All fees are collected by Direct Debit from an eligible bank account maintained in the UK.

Direct Debit Instruction Form


Years R to 8 - text books, stationery, games transport, non-residential trips, educational outings and extra-curricular activities (unless specified).

Year 6 - residential study week.

Years 9, 10, 11 and Sixth Form - games transport and extra-curricular activities (unless specified). Not included in the fees are text books, exams, related course material and educational outings. These are charged for separately.

Sixth Form - the provision of a Chromebook or similar and its maintenance and support during the student’s stay in Sixth Form. The device becomes the personal property of the student on the completion of the agreed study programme.

All Fees include personal and dental accident insurance and pupil’s personal effects insurance but exclude charges for public examinations, specific learning support charges, individual musical instrument tuition, social outings, before and after school care and certain extra-curricular activities as specified in the activities programme. They also include membership of the School PTA.


Available across the school for brothers and sisters attending at the same time (excluding Nursery), discounts apply per term:

First younger sibling £300, second £450, third (and succeeding) £600.

The School will accept Childcare Vouchers are accepted for charges qualifying under HMRC rules, such as wraparound care and after school activities taking place on the School premises outside of normal school hours. Please contact the Finance Office for details, 01628 327350.

direct debit instalment scheme 


The direct debit instalment scheme offers a £90 discount on a term's tuition fee and the ability to spread the cost of fees.

In the instalment scheme there are three cycles corresponding to the three school terms. Each cycle consists of four collections by direct debit. Three collections are made in advance for the tuition fee and these are taken on the second working day of each of the three months immediately preceding the start of the relevant term. The fourth collection is for any extras identified on the relevant Fee Invoice and is taken on the first day of term. 

The first cycle will cover the Autumn Term tuition fees with collections at the beginning of July, August and September, the second the Lent Term (October, November and December), the third the Summer Term (January, February and March). 

The table below shows the tuition fee direct debit collection that will be taken monthly as part of a cycle:


Year Tuition Fee Per Term Fee After Discount Monthly Debit
R £2940 £2850 £950
1 £3285 £3195 £1065
2 £3585 £3195 £1165
3,4,5 £3735 £3645 £1215
6,7,8 (current pupils on roll from Y5) £4425 £4335 £1445
6,7,8,9,10,11 £5055 £4965 £1655
Sixth Form (current pupils on roll in Y11) £5175 £5085 £1695
Sixth Form (direct entry in Y12/13) £5310 £5220 £1740

Sibling discounts will reduce the monthly direct debit as follows;
£100 for the first qualifying younger sibling (i.e. £300 per term), £150 for the second, £200 for the third and succeeding siblings.

A reduction of £250 per monthly collection will apply if your child qualifies for Nursery Education Funding, and by pro rata amounts for holders of scholarships and bursaries. In order to comply with banking regulations, collections will be made by individual pupil, rather than family group.

Once we have received your completed Direct Debit instruction, a process of approval and acceptance must take place with your bank. We will provide 10 days written notice of the first collection. Instructions which are received too late to be implemented within the correct cycle, will be held over to the next and if the commencement is delayed the discount will be reduced by £30 for each month of delay. Where direct debits are not met, there will be an administrative charge of £30 in respect of each failure. Your instruction will remain in force until you cancel it with the School, your Bank or Building Society, or until the final Leaver's Statement upon departure.



The registration fee is non-refundable and payable with the submission of a Registration Form. Registration places the pupil on the entry list, however it does not constitute an offer of a place.


The deposit is payable when a signed Acceptance Form is returned. The deposit is forfeited when an accepted place is not taken up. No additional deposit is required where younger siblings of current pupils are being registered, but this initial deposit will then be refundable against the younger (and succeeding) pupil's Leaver's Statement.


The termly fee due is advised on a Fee Invoice that is sent out on the last day of each term. Payment is due on or before the first day of the succeeding term. An administration charge of 1.5% per month or part thereof, is levied for late payment. Those extras not included in the fees, as detailed, are itemised on the Fee Invoice at the end of term.

Some other activities may incur an extra charge as mentioned below:


The School’s visiting musical staff charge parents direct for an individual’s programme of study. Please refer to such tutors for their contractual terms.


Details of our Coach Services can be found here.


Claires Court operates a cashless catering system. Allowing parents to pay for lunches in advance online and monitor the food your child is buying. Details can be found here.


Most co-curricular activities do not incur a further charge. Payment for the few that do is normally identified and required separately as are those for out of school trips and holiday activities. Please note that the activity programme at the end of the school day is suspended at the beginning and end of each term and at certain other times (e.g. Speech Day).


Fees Refund Scheme  1.37% of net fees
Fees Refund Scheme - Policy Details
Pupils’ Personal Effects Scheme included within the tuition fee
Personal Accident and Dental care insurance is included within the tuition fee


A full term’s notice, in writing to the Head, is required for the withdrawal of a pupil from the school or from any chargeable extra subject, otherwise a term’s fees will be payable in lieu of such notice.

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