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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

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Friendships and happiness are important to young girls.  Anaiya seems to have both in abundance.

I have lots of friends.  Mrs James is the best teacher, she makes us happy by making up exciting stories and letting us play.  We look after Shelley (the tortoise) in our classroom, he crawls around his box and we feed him lettuce.


*Year 1

Manasvi joined Junior Girls at the start of Year 1.   Having come from India her English was limited, however she is now fluent and not only reading well but with expression and comprehension.

I like adding and taking away in maths.  I find it great fun, once we used cake to work out halves and quarters.  All my class are my best friends.


*Year 2 (Joined from nursery)

A talented young musician, playing the violin and the recorder, Rhiannon has lots of friends and likes all her lessons.

My favourite lessons are art and science.  Maths is good as we used sweets to learn division and sometimes use the Chromebooks.   I like writing, we have been writing letters to find Rapunzel and we made towers like the one she lived in.  


*Year 3 (Joined in Year 3

Joining part the way through a school can be daunting, but for Lola the  experience has been a positive one, having made friends easily and finding it easy to settle in.

I really like Junior Girls as we do lots of fun things in lessons and lots of sport.  The best bit so far was getting two golds and a silver at sports day.  I am very happy at this school; my handwriting has improved a lot which makes me really proud. I am much more confident now, I even played the guitar at Prize Giving and at our concert which was scary but I enjoyed it.  


Year 4 (Joined from Nursery)

For Riley lessons are fun, because the teachers are nice and they care.  Riley loves the opportunities pupils have to learn outside of the classroom.

I am sporty so do lots of activities, but I also like art and being creative.  English and maths are taught in a way we can understand, because the teachers make the lessons fun.  We went on an outward bound activity which was a great way to learn new things.

We really enjoy welcoming new pupils to the school, everyone is very friendly and we all have lots of friends.  Our Golden Rules mean you always think about being your best self and treat others as you would like to be treated.


*Year 5 (Joined in Year 5)

Maddie joined from another independent school.

For someone so young, Maddie has to juggle her time and commitments between her school work and being sixth in the world at Latin and Ballroom dancing at U12 age group.

I was really excited to be coming to the school, I made friends straight away, the school has a very nice environment.  The teachers really know you and are good at teaching and explaining things so we can understand.  I enjoy PE a lot but I also like art and English.  My biggest improvement has definitely been in maths.

In the future I want to be ranked first in the world for my dancing and become a professional dancer.  I am first in the country at the moment so sometimes have to practice two hours a day, which means i have to be organised with my homework.  

The ‘Essentials’ were a new thing to me but I am definitely a risk taker and have resilience.


*Year 6 moving up to Year 7

Emily joined Junior Girls from the Nursery.  When interviewed Emily was Head Girl, but preparing for her move up to Senior Girls having loved everything about her time in Juniors.

I have done some many things!  Sport is really good, I have really improved in hockey, but I am also now a good swimmer.  I have done lots of clubs including cricket, swimming and athletics.

The teachers are really nice and tell you things as many times as you need to make sure you understand. Anyone joining the school shouldn’t worry, you will make friends easily, lessons are hard but made interesting.  I haven’t always like maths but Mr Carruthers makes maths fun!

*interviewed in July 2015

New pupils who join the school throughout the year are always made to feel very welcome and immediately an important part of the school family.

isi report 2014

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