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from Nursery to Sixth Form

Sixth Form Scholarship Awards

There are three routes to Sixth Form Scholarship:


The Continuation Scholarships are available to existing Scholars to make application for the retention of their existing awards whilst studying in Years 12 and 13. Scholars in a specific area will be expected to continue making a significant contribution in that specialism.
Apply here.


The Exhibition Scholarships are offered in specific skills/subject areas where the student has a known specialism.

These areas are Art, Choral, Drama, Music and Sport, and awards are to the value of £1,260 per annum. 

Candidates will be called to interview and are expected to speak well in the areas of excellence they have selected and provide a portfolio or supporting letter of recommendation from teachers and/or coaches. Existing scholars at secondary level are able to apply at this stage for an award in a new area.

Apply here.


The Academic Scholarships are offered based on outstanding performance and scholastic record at GCSE level, normally using grade 8 or higher as a benchmark. This major scholarship award is to the value of £3,780 per annum, and applicants are expected to gain at least five GCSEs at Grade 8 or above. Up to six awards in this category may be made. 

In addition to the above, Academic Scholarships are awarded on actual academic outcomes where a minimum of five GCSEs at grade 8 has been gained. For each grade 8, £225 per annum is awarded, for each grade 9, £450 per annum is awarded.

The minimum scholarship based on five GCSEs at grade 8 would be £1,125 per annum, with each additional grade 8 adding £225 per annum and each additional grade 9 adding £450 per annum. The maximum award for this scholarship is £4,500.

No application is required.

Please note that any scholarship currently held by an existing Year 11 pupil will cease at the end of Year 11.

Dates For Sixth Form Scholarship Applications For Entry In September 2022

Closing date for entries Monday 10 January 2022
Interview From Monday 31 January 2022
Offer announcement (conditional) Monday 28 February 2022
Offer confirmation Upon publication of GCSE results

Late applications after GCSE results may be considered subject to scholarship availability. 

If an award has already been made based on interview and target grades in Route 1, and the amount earned is higher as a result of actual grades awarded, the higher amount will apply.
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